PDF Reader for PSP Slim

Having got hooked on a multi-volume fiction series, I’ve realised how much I missed reading. At the same time, I’ve been looking for the perfect way to read them up on the move, sans lugging a suitcase.

Amazon’s Kindle is out reach, a PDA will only make me squint to blindness, and reading on a netbook is definitely not portable. In the end, I’ve realised that the PSP makes the perfect ebook reader.

Just copy your PDF files and voila, you fit right in with the commuting crowd, but engrossed in reading about some faraway land or an obscure magical paradise, or whatever you may fancy.

Finding a good ebook reader for the PSP is quite a hassle though. Google it up and there are those that requires you to convert the files to images first before transferring (tedious, especially when you have a 7-volume set to read up). Others come as a plugin to a programme you may not necessarily need.

So, in the end, after extensive googling and multiple attempts of finding the almost holy grail solution, Bookr is the answer. Simple, uncluttered interface, and reliable as a workhorse. The best PDF/ebook reader for the PSP, fat or slim.


bookr2Screenshots showing version 0.7.0. The file linked below is version 0.7.1. (Image credit)

It was originally created to work only on non-modified systems. But of course, the innovative citizen of the prosperous country called Internets found a way around this.

So if you are using a modded PSP, here’s the file:

[click to download Bookr 0.7.1 for modded PSP]


1. Unrar

2. Only one single file is needed, the EBOOT.PBP

3. Copy the file “EBOOT.PBP” to the correct folder


For example, you can make it as such: /PSP/GAME/bookr/EBOOT.PBP

4. Done! Copy you ebook (in PDF format only) anywhere in your PSP. Then just look for it by using the “open file” function, just any other PC-based PDF reader.


Additional instructions available here

Original source/credit: MaxConsole Forums


5 thoughts on “PDF Reader for PSP Slim

    1. Sorry it’s been a long long time since I last fiddled with a PSP. All the best finding the solution! :)

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