Kerubik? Kerupat?


“We come in peace,” declared Professor Rubik’s mutant relatives.

The green cube above was spotted on Dell’s flash ads in some local websites, such as and Ebay Singapore. Initially, without context, one would think that it mimics some kind of Gamma-infected Rubik’s cube.

Alas, it is but a misrepresentation of the humble ketupat. What’s a ketupat, you ask? It’s that thing (read: rice dumpling) that my family weaves in the days prior to Hari Raya, for our own gastronomical benefit. Made of coconut (or palm?) leaves, it intricately weaved with no gaps whatsoever, filled with rice, and boiled for hours to produce a rich tasting main dish,  accompanied with rendang, sambal goreng, and the such.


The real McCoys in action (Image credit 1, 2, 3)

In all my life, never have I seen a perfectly cubic ketupat, be it in the real or virtual world. Not only is it impossible to weave, but a symmetrically manufactured ketupat with exactly 54 squares on 6 precisely measured sides is not something you’d rush to sink your teeth into.

I can only imagine that the ketupat in the Dell ad was outsourced to some foreign company void of regional cultural understanding. That, or a Primary 2 school project of ketupat in 3D.

Here’s a screenshot of the ad:


But hey, at least they got the background ketupat correct:




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