Trolling on Religion

Especially in online forums and comments, religion-bashing is not uncommon. And when it happens, they make sure you hear about it.

There was news recently about a father who killed his daughter over cigarettes.

A Singaporean man has gone on trial charged with murdering his 23-month-old daughter in a fit of rage after he caught her playing with his cigarettes, court officials said Tuesday.

Sallehan Allaudin, 26, is accused of fatally beating his daughter Nikie in January ahead of her second birthday, causing her to die of a ruptured vein. If convicted, he could face death by hanging.

Clearly, the name alludes that the man is Muslim. But more than that, as to his religious practices, observances, adherence to Islamic law, etc., is only speculation. But if one can base on the fact that he smokes, it may somewhat give an indication of his level of observance on the Islamic scholars’ ruling on smoking.

Nevertheless, news like these spread fast in forums, especially when an ethnic or religious group can be pinpointed for blame.  But to blame a religion for the act of one really can be testing at times. Such as this one here:

Internet Troll SgCulprit with an Islamic-sounding name? Blame it on the religion of course! (Source)

Try as you might, you may find that logic doesn’t dictate this kind of argument. More likely than not, your argument is valid. But come to think of it, I don’t even think retorts like these can be termed as argument; “abuse” is a more correct terminology.

Still, you find that your opponent’s over-generalization, stereotyping, selective quote and blatant disregard of reason endlessly bugs you to no remorse.

Perhaps it’s time to detach from the emotional ad hominem and simply disregard the troll.

NetTroll(Image credit)



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