Why pick on only Indian accent for cheap laughs on radio?

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A complaint from the national daily:

I WOULD like to hear from Harvey Norman, the sponsors of the traffic update on the English-language radio station Class 95FM, about what it thinks of yesterday morning’s deejays reading a large portion of traffic news just before 10am in a mock-Indian accent.

The deejays seemed to find it very funny to mimic the way Indians speak. And they have done it lots of times.

In fact, for most of Singapore’s modern history, radio deejays who are not of Indian descent have enjoyed doing mock-Indian accents on English radio.

…As someone interested in media, I also listen to Chinese, Malay and Tamil stations, and I am grateful to the deejays on Chinese and Malay stations for avoiding this easy path to cheap laughs.

The defining factor is that I have never heard radio deejays on English stations mock Chinese or Malay accents.

Is it that they think people of ethnic Chinese and Malay descent have less of a sense of humour than those of Indian descent?

Perhaps the reason to solely mimicking the Indian accent is more primitive than racism. Indian accents are seemingly one of the easiest to replicate, and the local deejays simply do not have the talent capacity to mimic other accents. In addition to the fake Westernized accents which they talk in, Chinese accent will only sound boringly similar Singlish (maybe Hongkong accent will more entertaining), and Malay accent is too difficult.

Maybe they can learn a thing or two from this French guy. I can vouch for his Arabic and Indonesian Malay, and it’s total nonsense. But the accent is perfect. In the video, he also attempted to fake Hebrew, Cantonese, and Japanese, among others.



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