The Ramadan-Raya Redux

1. An Idiot’s guide to Ramadan


Ramadan, What does this mean?

Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar.  It’s when Muslims all over the world spend 30 days observing fast and bettering themselves in principles of faith.

Observing fast?  Is that something to do with running, then?


Oh, what is it then?

Observing fast, or fasting, is when a person abstains (or keeps away) from eating and drinking. More»

2. On “racial harmony” events being held in Ramadan

This is a banner of what is supposed to be “Racial Harmony Sports Day”. At first glance, all seems to be okay; everyone from all races are invited to participate – a wonderful thought.


The true test of endurance: Sports + fasting.

One little issue though, the date 13/09/2009 is the final week of the fasting month of Ramadan, prior to the Muslim Hari Raya celebration. More»

3. On the meaning of Ramadan

If you see Muslim kids fasting, it teaches them not to be a wuss when they grow up. More»

4. On that soccer fatwa and Ramadan

…al-Azhar Scholars Front: “Playing football is not a necessity of life which allows relief or dispensation (يرخص) of breaking of fast, and it is not among the matters which are considered to be burdens (تكاليف) of this religion, since everybody has the right to play (soccer) as entertainment, and not as an occupation or job.” More»

5. On tarawih and witr

When do I perform the qunut for witr in Ramadan?

According to the al-Shafi’e mazhab, on the second half of Ramadan, i.e. starting on the 15th night onwards. (Source 1, 2)

After praying witr, can I perform other prayers in the same night?

Yes. More»

6. On Court’s relentless riba-marketing targeted towards the Malay-Muslims

The proliferation of purchasing the latest non-essential items has turned into a sarcastic Malay joke; if the home of some Malay doesn’t have an LCD television or some kind of home theatre system, then it is not a “true” Malay home. The importance of having the latest big-screen TV and entertainment system, which has now evolved into the obsession for the latest car accessories and handheld gadgetries, epitomizes the sad state of affairs for those who find pride in such items. More»

May you have a blessed Ramadan 1431AH/2010CE.



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