Hamzah Kashghri and the Muslims’ failing PR department

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Not again, my brothers. I am disappointed.

Why such the fuss about Hamzah Kashghri? Granted, he showed disrespect the Prophet ﷺ, but for those of you calling for his execution, that is by far the worst reaction one can do.

Seriously, look at the news now. Newsmakers can sniff scandals from miles away. Add “Islam” to that, and it’ll help sell their news ten times faster, thank you very much.

Remember the Satanic Verses? I’m quite sure no one bothered to read it when it was first published. But when the fatwa on Salman Rushdie’s head was given, that was enough to propel that book to the bestseller’s list. What about the nasty, immature cartoons on out beloved Prophet? It was rotting in the Danish background for months until some people decided to protest openly about it. And the rest is history.

So how far on top have Islam and Muslims come out of these incidents?

And now we have Hamzah Kashghri. Based on our past experiences, I thought we have learnt our lesson in public relations.

Oh how wrong am I.

If he needs counseling, then go to him. By openly calling for his execution, we are undoing the positive image of Islam.

And for what? Some guy saying he won’t kiss the Prophet’s hand? In the Prophet’s time, people used to throw animal intestines on him while he was praying. How about that  for disrespect? And what did he do? He ignored them. People threw bloodied gut on you, and you, ﷺ, ignored them. SubhanAllah, Such patience!

And what about the time in Taif when he was stoned until he was bleeding? Rock-solid patience. In fact, he asked Allah to forgive them.

Where are we now? Calling for the head of another Muslim, who is in need of merciful guidance more than ever.

The rest of us, we need a good PR department.



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