Muslim Superheroes and Villains

Muslim superheroes(Image credit)

What are the uses for deep, untapped creativity?

Muslim superheroes…

Named the 99, as each possesses one of Allah’s 99 attributes, the characters include a burka-clad woman named Batina the Hidden and a Saudi Arabian Hulk-type man named Jabbar the Powerful.

They have proved a hit from Morocco to Indonesia and were recently named as one of the top 20 trends sweeping the world by Forbes magazine.

Now they are being brought to British television by Endemol, the production company behind Big Brother, with a mission to instill Islamic values in children across all faiths.

According to the source, they finally made the crossover from comic books to TV. But of course, not all are too pleased. For instance, the female character are drawn up comic-style curvy – relatively – and not fully covered up. Anyway, here’s The 99 website.

…And villains

TWO Indonesians have been arrested for attempting to smuggle from Cambodia heroin hidden inside a copy of the Koran, an official said on Thursday.

Customs officers’ suspicions were raised when a routine X-ray revealed holes in the book after it arrived at Jakarta’s international airport on Tuesday in the form of an express mail delivery.