Hey Israel (Fast-Roping 101)

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Palestinians as Avatar’s Na’vi

What: An eye-catching and creative response to Israel’s illegal occupation

Where: The village of Bil’in in West Bank, Palestine (Wikipedia link)

When: Friday, 12 February 2010

Oren Ziv/AFP/Getty Images

…[T]here are weekly demonstrations against the security barrier Israel is building near the West Bank village of Bilin. In part because they are so regular, these protests tend not to generate much news coverage.

Last Friday, as The Associated Press reported, some of the protesters tried to change things up by painting themselves blue and wearing loinclothes, pointy ears and tails to the demonstration to draw a parallel, they said, between the situation of the Palestinians and the oppressed characters in the film “Avatar.”


Bernat Armangue/AP

“When people around the world who have watched the film see our demonstration and the conditions that provoked it, they will realize that the situations are identical,” said Mohammed Khatib, one of the leading Palestinian protesters against the barrier.

Upon reaching the barrier they were met with Israeli forces who fired dozens of rounds of tear gas and sound grenades. “At first they were surprised,” Khatib said with a laugh. “But then they began shooting and we felt like it was a scene from the movie again, except it was real, and it was taking place in the village.”


Homemade teargas protection:

Darren Whiteside/Reuters

Darren Whiteside/Reuters

Choked by the teargas:

Bernat Armangue/AP

Bernat Armangue/AP

And here’s the video of the town of  Bil’in reenacting Avatar.


Israeli-Palestinian propaganda war

Full-scale propaganda war machine:

Among other things, the Israeli military has started its own YouTube channel to distribute footage of precision airstrikes. And as I type, the Israeli consulate in New York is hosting a press conference on microblogging site Twitter. It’s pretty interesting to see the Israeli-Palestinian conflict reduced to tweets of 140 characters or less (“We hav 2 prtct R ctzens 2, only way fwd through neogtiations, & left Gaza in 05. y Hamas launch missiles not peace?”; “we’re not at war with the PAL people. we’re at war with a group declared by the EU& US a terrorist org”).

Source here.

I wonder when the Palestinians are going to be utilizing the new media on a strategic level like the Israelis.

Maybe, if their electricity doesn’t get cut off ever so often. According to this report by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs:

The majority of Gazan households have power cuts of at least eight hours a day. Some have no electricity for as long as twelve hours a day.


Why Israel won’t allow journalists into Gaza

Karl Penhaul from CNN, was …on the [pro-Palestinian activists’] boat – and gave the report …as the events were happening:

the boat while still in international waters has been rammed by Israeli patrol boats, our vessel has been damaged …there’s been some damage to a roof section and to glass windows around the steering area and the captain says that the vessel is taking on a small amount of water, that at this stage is not life threatening but the ship was very severely rammed by one of those Israeli patrol boats, those patrol boats have been following the vessel for the half hour prior to the ramming incident … they rammed the vessel without warning but after the ramming there was a radio message saying the Israeli patrol boat was accusing the Dignity of being involved in terrorist activities.

Source and more here.